ClearView TV Mirrors

ClearView TV Mirrors

In 2004, the desire to incorporate TV’s into mirror design was growing, as was the technology to make this product. Visionaries and fabricators worked to furnish a product capable of accenting a bathroom, living room, den, corporate lobby or conference room, hotel message board, airport lounge, bar, hair salon, outdoor patio, swimming pool, or a boat. However, with existing technology, the TV’s were too thick to be mounted like a mirror, and designs lacked euphonic integration. Each order had to be custom made at a high cost to the Supplier and the Customer.

Redesign the ClearView website and creating dynamically programmed forms for customers to build a mirror tv to fit their needs.

Produced Materials:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Custom Sales Interaction¬†Communications
  • Online Product Specifier and Configurator

Creative, Website