About Fahrenheit
Creative services for all types
Integrated Brand Design Photography Film Art Direction Graphic Design Web Dev Digital marketing Video
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About Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit is an integrated design studio located in Minneapolis, Minnesota that uses print, film, digital marketing technologies to develop brands for our partners. While some clients need an SEO campaign, others need the full services of an advertising agency, we have worked with both types of clients.

An integrated design studio with varied expertise

It is tough to find an agency that can understand the unique requirements of a DaVita health care education program and then turn it up to 11 with rock and roll amplifiers of Carvin Audio. With a unique array of services, Fahrenheit was launched in Minneapolis in 1981 by a team of two business executives, the studio has partaken in the fast-moving changes that influenced the strategic direction in the marketing industry. By designing marketing campaigns grab eyes and engage the user, Fahrenheit’s insight and experience in trends and methods help advance a company’s brand and their reach.

Fahrenheit’s international award-winning team of creative and business professionals have years of experience in brand marketing, design and user engagement. From small local businesses to international Fortune 500 companies, clients trust Fahrenheit to create high impact communications from concept to delivery.

Fahrenheit integrated design studio based in Minneapolis, Minnesota